Nostril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

Nostril Piercing

Nostril piercings are the most popular piercing after ear piercing. Even in professional settings, nose piercing is widely accepted. Nostril piercing can be dolled up for any occasion, including formal. 

But do you think that nostril piercing is easy to handle? Compared to ear piercing, the nostril piercing comes with distinctive challenges, which you might want to keep in mind before getting one.

Here’s what you need to know before getting your nose pierced.

How Bad Does A Nostril Piercing Hurt

The nose is more sensitive than other areas of your face. Punching using a needle through the cartilage might cause more pain in comparison to the earlobe. However, many people have mentioned that nose piercing is less painful. It’s suggested to close your eyes during the procedure. It will definitely help those who are scared of needles.

Once you have your nose pierced, you might see your nose jewelry sticking out from the corner of your eye. But don’t worry, it might just be your mind playing tricks. Once you get used to your new nose piercing, you won’t notice anything.  

Nostril Piercing Healing Process

The nose piercing generally takes around 3 – 4 months to heal entirely. You should talk to your piercer about aftercare practices or changing the jewelry. Although healing times differ from person to person, it is suggested that if you have any medical conditions you must ask your doctor before getting your ear pierced. 

Nostril piercing aftercare

Since the nose is a sensitive part of your body, you will need to take extra care of your nose piercing. Cartilage takes more time to heal. During this healing period, you will need to take extra care for your piercing as it can do permanent damage on your face. You will need to refrain from touching the area as it might be prone to infection. Also be mindful while using any facial products. 

To care for your nose piercing, you will need to clean it with saline solutions 2-3 times daily or as per your piercer’s instructions. Buy the solution which is recommended by the piercer or make sure you are buying the one that contains only salt and water.

Below mentioned are few nose piercing aftercare tips:

After nose piercing your skin will be very sensitive. Avoid spinning and moving your jewelry, as it might lead to scarring the area. Leave your skin and jewelry alone and let it heal by itself.

Elude your face products from the piercing. Use only the saline solution on that area to keep it clean. Products like face wash, lotion, sunscreen, makeup may cause irritation in that area.

If in any circumstances you lose your nose jewelry during the healing process, you must visit your piercer immediately to get the jewelry replaced. As nose piercings close more quickly than any other piercing. 

Nostril Piercing Variations

Nowadays, the double nose piercing is getting pretty popular. It consists of two nose piercings located right next to each other. People who get a double nose piercing choose to wear two small nose studs or two seamless hoops. 

Nostril Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercings are decorated with different nose jewelry such as,

Seamless Ring: Seamless rings are popular amongst other jewelry. These hoops create a more subtle look. Seamless rings are often acceptable in professional environments.

Nose Studs: Nose studs come in three different types: the twist, the bone and the L-shaped. Most people use gold or diamond nose studs but there are varieties of charms available. By far, Nose studs are the most popular jewelry style.

  1. Twist Prong: This inserts into the piercing by putting it into the hole and then twisting the prong from the inside to make it more compact. The one con for this jewelry is that it can cause discomfort for some time.
  2. L-shaped Prong: This L-shaped prog is inserted through the piercing at a 90-degree angle and it sits along the wall of the nasal passage. The disadvantage of this L-shaped prong is it might cause discomfort because the prong might hurt your nasal passage. But the advantage of getting the L-shaped Prong is it inserts very easily.
  3. Bone Prong: Bone Prong is shorter and barely visible on the nose. It is a small prong with a wider end which makes sure that the jewelry doesn’t fall. You might need to make sure that this jewelry is not stuck to anything as it might accidentally scratch the jewelry. 

Faux hoops: These C-shaped hoops wrap around the nose but without closing it entirely. A Faux hoop is another popular option to style like your nose.

Captive Bead Ring: There are unique gemstone options available for a bead. Although this jewelry style is for a bolder nose, this jewelry is not very popular. 

Once you have your nose pierced, it’s a good idea to ask your piercer to put your jewelry on. Your piercer might be helpful to find you the jewelry that fits and looks good for your nose. 

Things to consider

If you have sensitive skin, make sure to use piercing jewelry that has few alloys. You can select 14k gold nose jewelry once your piercing is healed. Many choose Titanium nose jewelry as it contains almost no alloys and it’s cheap.

Should I Get A Nostril Piercing Or Not?

You can ask your piercer for the best location for your piercing to compliment your look. However if you are planning to do it right under the cartilage, it might be difficult for your piercer to place it in the thinnest crease as it’s sometimes hard to find it. It might even be difficult for your piercer to find jewelry that fits comfortably.

Other than that, blowing your nose might get hard during the healing process. It might hurt even when you are pressing the tissue against your piercing. If you tend to get allergies, it will be ideal for you to wait until the allergy season is over. 

Nostril Piercing Price

Nose piercings are not expensive. They range from $30-$60. When you are going for a nose piercing, make sure you choose someone who is experienced. Not only that, you must ensure that the location you are visiting is good. Ensure that the location you will be visiting doesn’t have bad reviews. 

Make sure you use the piercer that uses a needle over a piercing gun. Piercing guns have bacteria and can use force to puncture. If you are piercing for your cartilage make sure that they use the needle because piercing guns can do permanent damage to your nose. 

Don’t forget the prices for the nose jewelry are different. Based on your choice and your budget, it will reflect the total price for your piercing. 

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