Most Popular 7 Types of Body Piercings

Most Popular 7 Types of Body Piercings

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These days, body piercings have become a way to express identity and individuality by adding a twinkle to the body. The more people want to show off their own specialty, the more part of body piercings are divergent. Also, your stress will far-far away when you get these sparkles pierced. 

To people who are thinking of getting body piercings for the first time or getting another one, there are a few lists of steadily beloved types of body piercings with a piece of advice.


Lobe Piercings 

Lobe - Body Piercing

Since lobe piercings are the most common and popular body piercings among both men and women, there are enormous designs of piercing that you can choose from, and people universally tend to enter the piercing world by getting the lobe part done at the beginning. Normally, it takes 6-8 weeks to heal over though, the lasting time can be different depending on how appropriate aftercare you did from the germ. In addition, you need to ensure that the hole shouldn’t left empty due to the risk of its closure. When it’s completely healed, you can change the jewelry, such as a dangle, diamond, or cluster that you are waiting for.



Helix piercings

Helix - Body Piercing

Helix piercings have been widely popular for a long time due to their external outstanding look, and most people tend to put a curve type of piercing on this spot to maximize since it’s satisfyingly positioned. It’s located in the upper cartilage of the ear; because of these similar locations, people are confused between helix and conch ones from time to time. In general, when it comes to initial healing time, it takes 2-4 months. Like all body piercings, cleaning the area around the helix zone is the priority to avoid severe infection.



Tragus Piercings

Tragus - Body Piercing

Tragus piercings keep growing up its popularity as far as ear piercings do, being affected by some celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson etc. It’s generally placed onto a small piece of cartilage over the entrance to the ear canal. Since it’s prone to minor pressure accumulated on it by sleeping on the same side as you got the piercing or tusking your hair up in daily life, it takes 6-12 months completely healed. Therefore, it’s important to remember not to touch and keep the dirty stuff away from that area. After that, your subtle piercing will be beaming.   



Nose Piercings

Nose - Body Piercing

The biggest advantage of nose piercings is that they can totally change your impression by adding a touch of a little sparkle on any placement of the nose you want. There is no right placement of nose piercings, it’s totally up to you. Through the cartilaginous structure of your nostril with a hollow needle, it’s done and easy to deal with the pain. When it comes to healing time, It normally takes about 2-4 months. Once it’s done, take advantage of this rare opportunity to upgrade your look aesthetically. 



Navel (Belly Button) Piercings

Navel Body Piercing

In summer, especially, most women are likely to get navel piercings done when they are planning on wearing a crop top to emphasize the beauty of their bodies. It progresses by getting pierced through the skin right above the navel, with a true belly button piercing centred directly above the navel. However, you have to note that not everyone can get a navel piercing due to its anatomical trait. Based on this tendency, it takes about 12 months to fully be healed. But, if you take an action when it comes to every infection through proper maintenance, various jewelry such as twister spiral, captive bead, and dangle that improve the health and beauty aspect of your body will be worth enduring the time.



Eyebrows Piercings

Eyebrows - Body Piercing

Eyebrows piercings are gradually increasing in popularity among both men and women, which is totally unisex fashion item. It’s mostly placed anywhere along the eyebrow, but it’s typically located near the arch of the eyebrow. During the process, the surface of your eyebrow can swollen up and hurt because it has a separate entry and exit point. But if you are appropriately caring for eyebrow piercings, the pain is absolutely bearable. Regarding healing time, it takes 6-8 weeks. To minimize the risk, you rather not take off the jewelry on your own but get assistance from a professional.



Tongue piercings

Tongue - Body Piercing

Tongue piercings are a great way to add a unique decoration to your look creatively. There are no designated placements or jewelry, so that tongue piercings can be customized in various ways. It’s a body modification demanding a needle through your tongue.  As it stays a hidden spot when your mouth is closed but draws attention when it’s opened. Compared to other parts, it takes only 4-6 weeks to be healed with minimal discomfort and bleeding to settle down on your tongue thoroughly. Afterwards, you can change your jewelry, such as versatile, horizon shape, anything you want.