Are Tattoos Still An Issue In The Workplace in 2023?

Tattoo workplace

Do you think you might get rejected for work because you have a tattoo?

At Colibri Tattoo & Piercing, we don’t just care about making tattoos for business, but we also care if our clients are happy with their tattoos and they do not regret making tattoos due to the workplace.

A tattoo is a way of expressing yourself. Tattoos can make people attractive and can even give them confidence. Some people have tattoos that have meaning in them or in remembrance of someone they love. At times, tattoos were considered taboo, mainly in the workplace. There are still some people who do not like tattoos, but a large part of society has already accepted tattoos as a work of art. Among younger generations, tattoos have become very familiar, and it has also shown that workforces allow people with body art.

We have gathered detailed workforce statistics for 2023 that may surprise you. Currently, Millennials are controlling the workforce; the workplace has become very liberal of having tattoos at every level of the corporate ladder. 

Acceptance of Tattoos At Work

Are you unsure of whether tattoos are accepted for your dream job?

We have gathered some workplace statistics about how tattoos are viewed across different industries.


About 77% of employers mentioned that there are fewer chances to hire an applicant with body art, whereas 23% of employers said that body art wouldn’t make them decide to hire a person.

However, 49.39% said they don’t take a tattooed person less seriously than someone without tattoos. 

Air Crews 

Most airlines do not allow their crew members to have visible tattoos. If you are planning to pursue your career as a flight attendant, you would need to make sure that you don’t have any visible tattoos. 

Medical Workers

According to a study, 75% of patients don’t care if their Doctor, Nurse or any medical personnel has tattoos. 


In a survey, 24 % of respondents said that they do not mind if the teachers have tattoos. Another 30% of survey respondents found teachers with tattoos rather acceptable. Hence it proves that tattoos are becoming acceptable in the educational industry.

Tattooed Men

As per the workplace statistics, tattooed men seem to get more attention than women. Even though women across the world have outnumbered men with tattoos. 

Professional Athletes

86% of people are comfortable with tattoos on professional Athletes. The highest tattoo acceptance is in the Athlete field. So if you are a professional athlete, get as many tattoos as you want! 

IT Technicians

Nearly 81% of people accept tattoos on the IT Technician. Therefore, if you plan to work in IT, feel free to get tattoos.

Office Settings

In the office, the age group within the 18 to 25 range is most accepting of tattoos. Only 22% of people feel that tattoos are unacceptable in the office.


Do employers mind tattoos on their employees?

As per Indeed, almost three out of four employers claim they don’t mind hiring people with tattoos. Employers might still ask their employees to cover their tattoos during important meetings.

Are tattooed people taken seriously?

In 2014, a survey with 5,000 participants revealed that 51% of participants said that it’s circumstantial and depends on the number of tattoos an individual has, whether they would take them seriously or not.

What High-Paying Jobs Accept Tattoos?

Few high-paying jobs accept tattoos; they are:

• Marketing & Social Media

• Computer Science & Technology

• Graphic Design & Visual Development

• Beauty and Fitness

• Music & Entertainment

How many people have tattoos?

Currently, Millennials are the ones with the most tattoos. 47% of millennials have tattoos. Another 37% have more than one tattoo. Generation X accounts for 36% of those with tattoos, while Baby Boomers account for only 3%.

Were tattoos accepted in the workplace in 2022?

35% of companies were OK with tattoos. Much of this data is driven based on society’s acceptance of body art. It also depends on the career you are choosing. For example, having tattoos in the fashion industry is completely more acceptable than having a tattoo as a flight attendant.


As society evolves, workforces are also becoming very adaptive. We have shared the most recent and accurate data we could find. More studies are being conducted, and they will reflect the upcoming generation.

Since tattoos have already become adaptive to many extents, they will be more accepted across various professions.

You can place your body art where people cannot see it until they become more acceptable. Anyway, we will never run out of ink. You can get more tattoos when they get more accepted.

So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at Colibri Tattoos & Piercing. Walk-ins are allowed too. Or email us to get a quote for your dream tattoo.